Canada to support system of psychological assistance for Ukrainians

Ukrinform Ukrainian multimedia platform for broadcasting - 6/13/2023 11:20:00 AM

Canada is ready to finance several projects to provide psychological assistance to war-affected Ukrainians.
This was announced by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during his surprise visit to Kyiv, according to an Ukrinform correspondent.

Canada understands how important mental health support will be for Ukraine, Trudeau said, adding that his country would help finance projects that focus on the well-being and mental health of Ukrainians, including children, teachers, and medics.

His Office later clarified that Canada has already agreed to allocate $99,500 to the Kharkiv-based Phoenix NeuroRoom project, which helps doctors overcome traumatic wartime experiences. Another $50,000 from Canada will go to the educational program "Healing war injuries for community leaders in Ukraine." As part of another educational and mentoring program "Education for Resilience" funded by the Government of Canada, $52,000 will be allocated to support teachers and students in regions affected by war. Another $64,000 is received by the volunteer psychological network from Dnipro.

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Mental Health: To respond to the lasting mental health toll of the war on Ukrainian citizens, Canada is funding projects to support mental health initiatives in Ukraine. This includes:
Civil Society and Volunteer-Based Psychological Resource Group: Canada will allocate approximately $64,000 to support individuals in the Dnipro region facing mental health challenges.
Education for Resilience: Canada will allocate approximately $52,000 to support teachers and children in war-affected regions of Ukraine through educational courses and mentorship.
War trauma: Canada will allocate approximately $50,000 towards the "Healing of war traumas for the local leaders of communities in Ukraine" educational programme.
Phoenix NeuroRoom - Psychosocial Support: Canada will allocate over $99,500 to help medical personnel in the Kharkiv region cope with traumatic war experiences.

As Ukrinform reported earlier, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland arrived on an unannounced visit to Kyiv on Saturday.