You are a UKRAINE REFUGEE How Paris is supporting you ?

City of Paris - 3/14/2022 2:20:00 PM

Paris believes in peace, supports and sympathizes with Ukraine and the Ukrainians. A reception center only for Ukrainian refugees has just opened in the 18th arrondissement from 9am to 6pm. Paris is also organizing a network for Ukrainians arriving in the capital, in collaboration with the French government, institutions and NGOs.

How do you get the information?
Call 3975, the City of Paris number, to receive information on how refugees are being taken in and, to get practical information, if you wish to participate.

If you are anxious about relatives in Ukraine, you may contact the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs' crisis unit at +33 1 43 17 53 53.

Reception center only for Ukraine refugees

"Urgence Ukraine" is open 7 days a week from 9 am to 6 pm.

Since Thursday, 3 March, a reception center called "Urgence Ukraine" has opened its doors, only for Ukrainian refugees, at 39, rue des cheminots in the 18th arrondissement.

It provides Ukrainian refugees with a first point of contact in order to assess their needs and guide them towards the most appropriate solutions. France Terre d'Asile, which manages the site, relies on the experience of all the associations involved.

The City's employees are fully mobilized to support the families, in particular the maternal and child protection and child welfare services.

You are a Ukrainian refugee in France

Several locations are for you :

Temporary accommodation in two gymnasiums

Two Parisian gymnasiums are being used as first reception centers for refugees prior to their transfer to the "Accueil Ukraine" (Ukrainian refugee reception center), or in the course of their journey to other countries.
Goal: to provide a place to rest and catering facilities for refugees awaiting assistance, rather than having to wait in poor conditions for long hours in railway stations.

Bercy gymnasium, near Gare de Lyon (railway station), provides a daytime shelter while waiting for the departure of a train, or to be received at "Accueil Ukraine" in the 18th arrondissement.
Marie Paradis gymnasium near the Gare de l'Est (railway station) remains open 24 hours a day for arrivals at the railway station Gare de l'Est: during the day, while waiting for transfer to the "Accueil Ukraine" reception desk; in the evening and at night, for families to rest or even sleep while waiting for an accommodation placement.

In addition, the City has provided three classrooms in a school in the 18th arrondissement, near France Terre d'Asile reception center, for childcare while parents complete their paperwork.
These classrooms will be transformed into a recreational center and a drop-in daycare center for the youngest children and equipped with games, toys, play mats and beds. The neighboring daycare center will soon provide 15 cribs for parents (underway).

Reception and information

The Halte Humanitaire (Humanitarian Center)

The Halte humanitaire is open 7 days a week from 9 am to 6 pm and is located 4 place du Louvre, 75001 Paris (former Town Hall of the 1st arrondissement).
The staff of the Halte receives and informs people who arrive on their own or by referral, runs the hygiene area and coordinates the interventions of the many partners involved in the project. It also provides French lessons.

The Henri IV site (day-center)
Located on rue d'Aboukir (Paris), the premises can accommodate up to 100 people : hygiene and well-being area, lounge, evaluation and orientation platform, meeting room.

Coordination center for asylum-seeking families-CAFDA
Located at 184, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis, in the 10th arrondissement, the CAFDA takes in families seeking asylum in Paris.

It provides an address for administrative, legal matters and social support. It also has a medical center where volunteers and professionals provide consultations and guidance.

La Maison des réfugiés

The Maison des réfugiés is located at 50-62 boulevard Jourdan in the 14th arrondissement. A place for training, debate and research, and a cultural venue open to all, it runs French classes, art workshops and sports sessions. It works with several partners to provide group information sessions or individual counseling sessions for professionals.

Psychological helpPersons in exile are often vulnerable because of the violence and trauma they have suffered in their home country or on their journey. Three associations specialize in psychological help for refugees:

The Primo Levi Center provides multidisciplinary approach for victims of serious trauma related to exile. The Center combines psychological assistance with health care as well as social and legal follow-up, with the assistance of community interpreters.
Traces, an international Clinic network, provides psychotherapy to refugees suffering from trauma caused by war, torture or political violence.

Le Chêne et l'Hibiscus provides counseling and psychological consultations at the Halte humanitaire.

In addition, a number has been set up by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to provide assistance, including psychological help related to the crisis in Ukraine: 01 53 59 11 10.

Assistance to Ukrainian youth and studentsFor Ukrainian youth and students already in Paris or arriving to Paris:

For all young people (students or not):

Quartier Jeunes (QJ) is open 6 days a week from 10 am to 6 pm and located 4, place du Louvre, 75001 Paris, and will propose services to help Ukrainian students: free phone calls outside the European Union, internet connection, psychological help (from next Wednesday), personal assistance in Ukrainian, food parcels every Thursday by Restos du Coeur, group counselling on access to health and legal rights.
QJ will be open on Sunday 6 March to serve Ukrainian refugees in association with the Halte Humanitaire.

For students:
You can contact the health service of your university, which has already set up an assistance, in particular for the 4 Paris University campuses, contacts here. For Paris Sorbonne info here.
For students: if you need accommodation, please contact the CROUS at 01 40 51 62 00 and the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris at 01 44 16 64 00

Day care centers and schools
For people who have contacts in France and who can be assisted by a French speaking person:
Registration in daycare and primary school at the town hall of the district where the family is staying.
For 11-18 year old children (middle and high school): Centre académique pour la scolarisation des nouveaux arrivants et des enfants du voyage (Academic Center for the Education of Newcomers) - 12 boulevard d'Indochine, 75019 Paris (metro Porte de Pantin, line 5 or tram 3B stop "Butte du chapeau rouge"). 01 44 62 39 81 or 83 or

For people who do not have a contact in France and who are unable to be assisted at the Town Hall or the Rector's Office, the registration procedure is underway.

Social and professional insertion
Several social and professional inclusion programs already exist:
L'Atelier des Artistes en Exil (aa-e), which assists artists of all origins, all disciplines, in their daily work, but also gives them the means to develop their artistic practice and develop their professional project;

La Fabrique Nomade organizes a nine-month certification program that enables artisans who have acquired skills and experience in their home country to apply their skills in France and pursue a professional project.