European system of tobacco traceability and security features

European Commission - 5/21/2019 12:20:00 PM

The European system of tobacco traceability and security features operational as of today

The European system of tobacco traceability and security features has become operational today. The first producers in the EU have requested and received traceability markings for cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco products.

This means that consumers will soon see new traceability markings on the packs, together with the required security features. The markings will enable national authorities to track and trace the movements of these packs across the legal supply chain in the EU. While today is the legal launch date, the EU-wide system for tobacco traceability already started its operations on 10 May 2019. Over the past days, economic operators (producers, distributors, shop owners etc.) across the EU have begun to register themselves, and their facilities in the system.

Member States are responsible for the establishment of an entity in charge of issuing the new traceability markings ("ID issuer") and they have made substantial progress over the past months to issue these markings. The Commission is aware that one Member State has not yet been able to deliver on this obligation but, in the meantime, to enable the start of the system on time, the Commission adopted a decision authorizing economic operators to use the ID issuer services of other Member States. The Commission is monitoring the situation carefully and will use all means at its disposal to ensure the system is fully operational across all Member States as soon as possible.