STOP STREET HARASSMENT: "That made me mad and uncomfortable at the same time"

Stop Sstreet Harassment - 2/13/2019 4:20:00 PM

I am a freshman in college at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and on a Friday, I had to go to the library to print out papers. On my way there, this older man around 40 came up to me and he introduced himself. I thought he just needed directions to somewhere on campus, but no. When I shook his hand, it took him awhile to let go, which made warning signs go off in my head. Then he started walking with me telling me I have a nice walk. I didn't want to be mean and say f**k off, even thought that's what I wanted to say. But then he asked if I had a boyfriend and that's when I told him that he was way too old for me and that he was being creepy.

Then as I was waking away, he said, "You can call me daddy."

And that made me mad and uncomfortable at the same time, so I just kept walking away. It just makes me feel upset that some men look at women as sex objects. At the end, I felt disrespected and humiliated.

- Anonymous

Location: University of Nevada, Las Vegas