A monumental work of art by Guillaume Bottazzi in « Paris La Defense »

Guillaume Bottazzi - 11/17/2014 3:40:00 PM

Guillaume Bottazzi is well experienced in public space creative events. His pieces of work belong to many town's heritage where he has been commissioned. They make a significant contribution to revitalizing and adding life to the neighbourhood. It also builds a new image media to strengthen its identity and integrate the various elements that make up the district.

La Défense, the largest business district in Europe, communicates on its values on the most visible way by linking its name to Art and reinforce its brand reputation. Art contributes to generate a sense of belonging and empowerment for staff.

Within the universe of towns, art work in public space soften the impact of urban planning which sometimes is perceived as inhuman. Art work brings its contribution to the wellness of citizens while bringing strangeness into everyday life, fantasy into rigour.

Aesthetic dimension is ever present in Guillaume Bottazzi's in situ artwork which varies according to the site.

Though non provocative, it avoids merging into the cityscape and proposes a dialogue between the piece of work and the site itself. But Guillaume Bottazzi doesn't work on demand, making no compromise his work is not an illustration nor a mirror. It's just here to create emotions. His in situ artwork is alive, moving, constantly being renewed by the way people see them. Unexpectedly, we can pass by every single day without ever growing weary for Art stimulates the creative potential of the person who is seeing it.

Art in public space plays its part in building a « living together ». Guillaume Bottazzi's art works are not just forms and colors matching together. They create links between passers-by who are invited to express their feeling about the painting. In business zones where social grouping is mainly the way people interact, this painting will question passers-by, stimulate reflexion about art and lead them to talk to each other’s. Staff working in this district will experiment how art is a powerful media to arouse thinking: the painting will rise a lot of reactions and discussions introducing friendliness into corporate world.

Ever since its creation in 1958, La Défense has had an ambitious artwork acquisition policy. As a result this area, with its impressive architecture, is now a recognised outlet for cultural expression. Sculptures, paintings, ceramics, frescoes... The greatest artists, from Calder to Richard Serra, including Miró and César, have made their mark on the district. At present there are 67 monumental works, making this the largest open-air contemporary art gallery in France.

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